Trauma surgery

Trauma is an injury caused by an outdoor accident (such as injury caused on road or outside the house) or indoor accident (such as falling in the house), trauma surgery involves various specialists doctors like Orthopaedic, Spine, Neuro Surgeon, Physician, etc. Sometimes it also requires critical care trained nurses and other staff which are needed for the primary care of the patient.
Trauma can cause multiple injuries in patient. Like if the patient has met with some severe accident then it cause injuries to almost all parts of the body majorly Brain, face, neck, pelvis, bones or soft tissues.

Dr. Bakul Arora is Specialised in all kinds of Trauma  / emergency Surgeries,  In Trauma case Doctors have the responsibility to save patients life with primary procedures and start the orthopaedic procedures which mainly includes:
In this procedure, the fractures of long bones are fixed with a long nail and screws. Arms, thighs and legs fractures are fixed with this surgery.

Compression Plating:
The smaller bones are fixed using the compression plates and screws.

Locking plate fixation:
This treatment is used to fix the fractures of the weak bones. They provide fixation to the weak bones.

Minimally invasive fixation (MIIPPO) technique:
This surgical technique are the minimally invasive surgeries which provides less blood loss, painless, avoids cutting of the soft tissues and provides smaller incisions. The patients having this surgery usually recover fast usually in the same day of the operation.

External fixation:
External fixation is done if the fracture had caused any infection. This technique is used to fix the fractures temporarily till the soft tissue heals. They are temporary mode of treatment.

Illizarov fixation:
This is another method of external fixation. They are used in limb lengthening procedures.

First Aid Care:
It is an emergency injury assistance given to the patient to save them.



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