Arora Clinic

Dr. Bakul Arora’s Joint Replacement Clinic is also known as “Arora Clinic” which is located at Hiranandani Meadows in Thane, within a very convenient proximity to Mumbai. Arora Clinic dedicated clinic for Knee Replacement surgery and all kinds of Orthopaedic treatments and surgeries

The Arora Clinic is one of the most advanced Orthopaedic clinic in Thane region and dedicated to providing the best, personalised healthcare with a breadth of surgical and medical expertise. Arora Clinic offers the modern surgical treatments like “Minimally Invasive Knee Replacement Surgery” which is also called as “PAIN-LESS SURGERY” for any complex knee diseases.

Dr. Bakul Arora is a well experienced in treating common knee conditions such as ligament injuries, anterior knee pain, patella instability, meniscal tears, swollen knee and tendonitis. He specialises in Mini-Invasive Techniques which offer multiple benefits to patients.

We took all precautions and steps advised by WHOM for the prevention of corona disease, Your safety is our prime concern.

Aroras Clinic is offering comprehensive consultation and treatment services for individuals suffering from knee diseases. Many overseas patients have undergone knee replacement surgery at Aroras Clinic.

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