Partial Knee Replacement Surgery | By Dr. Bakul Arora

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery
total knee replacement surgery

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery (PKR) is the newest addition in our armamentarium to fight arthritis limited in single compartment. It is an alternative to total knee replacement.

In this, only the damaged compartment is replaced and original cartilage and ligaments are preserved, giving the knee a more natural feel and strength.

It is truly Mini-invasive and offers fastest recovery, allowing patients to return to their active lifestyle within days.


Eligibility for PKR:

Activities possible after PKR are:

Jogging, running, cycling, mountain biking, trekking, squatting, cross leg sitting, almost every yoga aasans, badminton, swimming, etc…PKR

1. Arthritis limited to single compartment.
2. Absence auto-immune disease.
3. Normal ligament strength.
4. Medically fit patients.

Partial knee replacement can be done at ANY age and irrespective of their body weight.

Longevity of Implants expected is 20-25 years.

Partial knee Replacement

The individual is left with considerably more knee bone compared to following a conventional Complete Knee Replacement. All whole Knee replacements require a patient’s knee to be”ready” to obtain the implant, which normally requires substantial bone removal and forming until the implant could be positioned into position. The surgeon doesn’t need to eliminate as much bone to accomplish the appropriate fit and placement of the implant. This is a significant advantage should the individual require a revision operation or should they must get a entire Knee Replacement at a certain stage later on, on account of the development of the knee arthritis.

More surgical alternatives can be found if the knee has to be completely replaced in a later date. Since a minimum quantity of bone has been removed through the knee resurfacing process, it’s far simpler to convert a resurfaced knee into a classic principal total knee replacement, if the need arise because of complications from injury or arthritis afterwards. While not for everybody, knee resurfacing is an excellent alternative to total knee replacement for younger, more active people who wish to keep an active way of life.

Dr. Bakul Arora specializes in Partial Knee Replacement surgery and is one of the best surgeons in Thane for knee replacement surgery. 

Conversion to Total Knee Replacement is possible and easy.

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